FIDH’s guide on Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuses is a dynamic tool that explores the different judicial and non-judicial complaints mechanisms available to victims of corporate harms. The guide provides information on using intergovernmental mechanisms, such as UN treaty bodies and special procedures, judicial mechanisms, mediation mechanisms, and voluntary CSR initiatives providing complaints procedures. The guide also includes ‘follow the money’ techniques to seek corporate accountability by using financial institutions’ grievance mechanisms and engaging with stakeholders.

The guide seeks to provide a practical tool for victims and their representatives, NGOs, and other civil society groups (unions, peasant associations, social movements, activists) to seek justice and obtain reparation for human rights abuses involving multinational corporations. It intends to help rightsholders claim their rights and encourage civil society actors to share and exchange strategies on the outcomes of these mechanisms with one overarching objective: to ensure that victims of human rights violations can obtain justice, regardless of who committed the violation.