To create a system whereby businesses can no longer avoid responsibility for negative human rights and environmental impacts, the Mind the Gap consortium engages in three types of activities:

Research and analysis

The project is based on research and analysis, starting from the framework and evidence presented on this website. Project members also carry out extensive field research in target countries to identify harmful strategies that corporations are using to avoid responsibility first hand, and to analyse country, context and case-specific governance gaps and barriers to justice. This research is followed by an examination of successful and promising intervention strategies used by human rights defenders and civil society organisations to counter the implementation of harmful strategies by companies.

Capacity building

Insights from research will be used to help civil society organisations and rights holders to become more aware of and successfully counter harmful strategies implemented by companies. Mind the Gap will build on existing insights and resources successfully developed by other civil society organisations and complement these with a toolkit specifically aimed at tackling harmful corporate strategies.

Advocacy and engagement

To stop harmful strategies from being implemented, close identified governance gaps, and bring down other systemic barriers to justice, the Mind the Gap project consortium will advocate for effective policies and measures at the national and international level that ensure respect for human rights and the environment.