Companies worldwide are seen implementing the harmful strategies identified by Mind the Gap. To offer civil society activists and organisations working with people affected by corporate harms with specific suggestions to respond to the use of these harmful corporate strategies, a civil society counter-strategy toolkit has been developed.

The counter-strategy toolkit captures the collective experience of the Mind the Gap consortium and partners, which is diverse regionally, and with regard to industry focus and subject-matter expertise. The counter-strategies presented on the website were developed by reviewing publicly available information and through in-depth interviews with activists, NGOs and lawyers who have worked for many years on cases against companies.

In working to overcome harmful corporate strategies, these activists, NGOs, and other civil society actors have learned much about how to counter them – what works and what does not. The Mind the Gap project seeks to bring this combined learning together. The project shares information, tools, and resources based on years of experience and hard-won expertise that civil society has achieved around the world.

Four main types of counter-strategies     

The result of our research process is a framework of four main civil society counter-strategies under which 11 forms of strategies are grouped: