Mind the Gap exposes the five main strategies used by corporations to avoid responsibility for human rights and environmental impacts.Photo: Zeppa

Corporate strategies to avoid responsibility for human rights abuses

The Mind the Gap consortium presents an innovative framework that establishes five corporate strategies leading to the avoidance of responsibility for harmful effects on people and communities around the world.

Corporations around the globe continue to operate with impunity, as they often use strategies to avoid responsibility for human rights abuses and environmental damage. The wide prevalence and acceptance of these strategies is problematic. It emphasises the urgent need for a thorough revision of our global trade and production systems. The identified strategies may not always be designed with the specific aim of avoiding responsibility, but evidence on this website shows that their use has resulted in limited accountability for negative impacts. This is harmful for both victims and the public interest.

To encourage genuine respect for human rights and the environment, the international community urgently needs to close the governance gaps that allow corporations to evade responsibility for their actions.


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